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"I think the fact that [AGU] integrated information from a contractor's point of view, as well as from the federal government's point of view, was extremely helpful. It helped me see things from another angle."

- Breysi Stephens
AGU Graduate
Master of Acquisition Mgmt.



If you've been putting off registration or other steps in your study program, take advantage of this "back-to-school savings" opportunity and do it now!

Our July EdAlert announced upcoming increases to tuition and fees effective October 1, 2014. New regulatory requirements from the Department of Education, Department of Defense, and our accrediting body, in addition to increasing textbook costs, have necessitated our first tuition increase in five years.

So take advantage of the current fees while they're still available -- register now and SAVE! Current rates are in effect through midnight 9/30/14.

New Fees Effective October 1, 2014

  Course Tuition: $975 (including textbooks, study guides and domestic shipping)
  Tuition Per Credit: $325
  Comprehensive Examination: $125
  Final Project: $125
  Course Reenrollment: $325
  Course Extension: $100
  Course Challenge: $325

If you have any questions about the new tuition or fees, please contact or call 1-877-351-9060 ext. 1001.

Past EdAlerts:

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