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"I think the fact that [AGU] integrated information from a contractor's point of view, as well as from the federal government's point of view, was extremely helpful. It helped me see things from another angle."

- Breysi Stephens
AGU Graduate
Master of Acquisition Mgmt.



AGU is pleased to announce that our newest graduate degree program – Master of Leadership and Management (MLM) – is now available for enrollment.

A crucial component of career success increasingly requires the ability to manage and lead an organization in today's dynamic and competitive environment. The MLM program is organized into a curriculum of leadership and management courses that stress the core principles and practices, as well as new approaches to leading and managing any organization in the 21st century.

The overall objectives of this program are to enable graduates to:

1)    Demonstrate a structured knowledge of leadership principles and practices

2)    Demonstrate a structured knowledge of management principles and practices

3)    Assess and use the various techniques for organizational design and change

4)    Explain how leadership and management practices are used in a cross-cultural relationship

5)    Apply analytical skills in the research and solution of problems

6)    Demonstrate facility in critical thinking and ethical decision-making

7)    Develop and use communication, negotiation, quantitative and synthesizing techniques

MLM courses may all be taken through our distance education format and enrollment is open — so you can start any time. Students must complete a total of twelve courses totaling a minimum of 36 units, and then complete a program comprehensive examination or an approved project within seven years of enrollment in the program.

For additional information and application forms, please visit the Master of Leadership and Management page on the AGU web site. If you have questions or to speak with an Admissions Advisor, contact Laurie Mejia at or 877-351-9060, ext. 1007.

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