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Instructor Grading and Making Progress

Certain lessons in your course require review and grading by the course instructor. The student should expect to receive back a grade, or sometimes a request from the instructor for rework, in 24 to 72 hours.

Some students have worried that they can't submit the next lesson on our CourseWebs system until the previous lesson has been graded. However, while you are waiting for your grade, you can work on the following lesson(s) in your study guide as a number of students do, and then submit the lesson on CourseWebs as soon as you receive the grade notice for your previous lesson.

Lesson Assignments

Always read the lesson assignment on the first page of each lesson module. The lesson numbers and chapter numbers do not always align. Some students assume that the lesson number and chapter number are always the same and do not look at the lesson assignment. They end up reading the wrong chapter(s) and then are puzzled as to why the subject examination questions do not match what they have read and studied.

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