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American Graduate University has been renamed "Patten University". Students who enrolled in AGU prior to September 2022 can access the university through this web page. New Students can enroll or contact us at


Students may receive advanced standing or transfer credit for courses taken in other recognized public, private, or Government educational institutions. Approval for specific courses will be established individually on the basis of breadth, scope, organization, and quality of work offered in relationship to the courses required by the American Graduate University. Under California law, no more than six semester units (two courses) will be accepted for advanced standing into the Master's degree programs and no more than nine semester credits (three courses) in the MBA programs. Certficate students only receive three semester credits (one course) in advanced standing. Provisions are made for challenging a maximum of two additional courses. Requests for advanced standing must be accompanied by objective evidence of the quality of the courses offered, including (1) name of sponsoring organization, 2) text material used, (3) course outline, (4) proof that the student has taken the course, and (5) grade attained. No credit can be given for seminars or conferences.

Course Challenge (Testing Out)

Students enrolled in one of the degree programs who have received advanced standing (transfer credit) for two or three courses, but have taken additional similar courses in a graduate or government institution may challenge (test out) up to two courses. Certificate students may not challenge courses. Students must receive prior approval from the Admissions Department before requesting a challenge exam.

In order to receive credit through a challenge, students must pass the final examination for the course with a score of 80% or above. The completed examination must be returned within 45 days.

There is a $325 fee charged per challenge. Students who do not receive a score of 80% or above on the challenge examination will be required to register for the course. The $325 challenge fee will be deducted from the $975 tuition.

Open PDF of Advanced Standing Request Form & DAU/AGU equivalency charts:

Master of Project Management
MBA/Project Management
Master's Certificate in Project/Program Management



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