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Master of Supply Chain Management

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The Master of Supply Chain Management is designed for supply chain management professionals to help improve their work capabilities and to prepare themselves for increasing supply chain management responsibilities. The Master of Supply Chain Management is an Accredited Degree Program that helps participants contribute to their organization's success.

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Program Objectives
This program provides a practical framework for how organizations manage the enterprise-wide functions of supply in today's business environment with focus on supply chain management issues. The program covers the conduct and management of the supply management function—how that function interacts with the other principal business functions, including product development, marketing, operations, finance and logistics—the conduct of the supply chain process, including the integration of requirements determination, supplier development, qualification and selection—and supplier relations and performance.

A newly accepted student at AGU must enroll in their first class within 90 days of acceptance. A student is subject to dismissal from the University for Unsatisfactory Academic Progress if they do not meet this deadline.

You must earn 36 credits to graduate. Each course is 3 credits. Twelve courses are required. To graduate you are required either to pass a comprehensive final examination or satisfactorily complete a project approved by the University.

Curriculum Path
Each AGU course is organized in a sequential and logical order to make your learning experience optimal. When you begin, you will get a comprehensive study guide, with clear, simple instructions on how to proceed through each of your 12 courses.

We suggest you start by taking Course 602, “Essentials of Management,” followed by Course 605, “Supply Management.” However, the actual path you will take will depend on the advanced standing you received for courses previously completed elsewhere.

General Management Courses Supply Chain Management Courses

Essentials of Management
Course 602

Organizational Behavior & Human Resources
Course 659

Business Research Methods
Course 653

Management Accounting and Control
Course 657

Operations Management
Course 610

Supply Management
Course 605

Law and Contracts
Course 608

Supply Chain Management
Course 615

Global Logistics Management
Course 616

- OR -

Logistics Management
in Government Acquisition
Course 614

Price and Cost Analysis
Course 620

Negotiation - Principles and Practices
Course 635

Managing Projects
Course 627


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Master of Supply Chain Management Degree



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