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Master of Acquisition Management
Master's Certificate in Supply Chain Management

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This program provides knowledge of the planning, analysis, decision-making and control tools necessary for making and implementing effective supply chain management decisions.

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Program Objectives
This Master’s Certificate program provides you with a sophisticated and deep knowledge
of supply chain management processes and how these interrelate with standard business management processes of finance, law, operations and management. Emphasis is on preparing you to apply what you have learned in the professional environment.

A newly accepted student at AGU must enroll in their first class within 90 days of acceptance. A student is subject to dismissal from the University for Unsatisfactory Academic Progress if they do not meet this deadline.

To earn your Master’s Certificate in Supply Chain Management you must accrue 18 credits or 6 courses.

Curriculum Path

Supply Management — Course 605

Operations Management — Course 610

Price and Cost Analysis — Course 620
  or Pricing & Financial Management — Course 619

Negotiation – Principles and Practices — Course 635

Supply Chain Management — Course 615

Global Logistics Management — Course 616


Logisitcs Management in Government Acquisition — Course 614

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