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American Graduate University has been renamed "Patten University". Students who enrolled in AGU prior to September 2022 can access the university through this web page. New Students can enroll or contact us at


Earning my graduate degree from AGU gave me critical skills to advance and evolve as a senior-level leader. The MPM degree program focuses on building competency in project planning, organization and execution. This degree provides a thorough base of knowledge to support my customers as a proactive, highly qualified leader.

Barbara Skidmore, AGU Graduate – Master of Project Management 2015 - Testimonial 2016

The AGU MAM program helped me advance my knowledge as a Contracting Officer and obtain a Master’s degree at my own pace. When I saw the relevancy of the AGU curriculum to my work, the flexible study format, and the affordable tuition, I decided it was a smart career move. I strengthened my skills in carrying out current job responsibilities while earning credentials that would qualify me for future opportunities.

Catherine Perry, AGU Graduate – Master of Acquisition Management 2014 - Testimonial 2017

I started my Master’s degree at a traditional school, but the approach fell short of my expectations and the schedule didn’t fit with the demands of my job. Years later I discovered AGU’s targeted, self-paced degree programs. Specific to my work, the Master of Contract Management provided a strong foundation to understanding a myriad of contracting regulations and processes.

George Macomber, AGU Graduate – Master of Contract Management 2012, AGU Graduate of the Year 2012 - Testimonial 2016

American Graduate University’s MBA in Acquisition and Contract Management has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to be successful in my career as a Contract Specialist. The classes are convenient and the professors are very responsive and helpful whenever I have had questions about the course material. The program at AGU is relevant, up-to-date and immediately applicable to professional responsibilities in the contract field.

Courtney Pruitt, AGU Candidate – MBA Acquisition and Contract Management - Testimonial 2017

AGU’s Master of Acquisition Management program has given me the opportunity to enter a field I am passionate for and obtain a job that I love doing. The program helped me reach this significant goal while adding new knowledge and skills that I am already putting into practice on the job.

Anthony Long, AGU Candidate, Master of Acquisition Management - Testimonial 2016

I was actually talked into pursuing my MBA by my co-worker. I vowed after receiving my Bachelor’s Degree that I would never go to school again because of the difficulties of balancing work, personal life and school. The AGU program allows five months to work on each course and do it at my own pace. This made the process more enjoyable and beneficial. AGU also accepted some of my training courses as Advanced Standing for some of their courses which was excellent.

Tyonie Blas, AGU Graduate – MBA – Acquisition and Contract Management 2017 - Testimonial 2017

I chose AGU because I was encouraged by my supervisor and the university was recommended by a peer. The quality of the degree programs, the cost to value ratio and the online flexibility to balance with my 60+ hours work week was great.

Kevin Capatch, AGU Graduate – Master of Project Management 2016 - Testimonial 2017

I pursued my degree with AGU so that I had the opportunity to be promoted within the government. Also, I wanted to continue my education and diversify my educational experience. The AGU distance/online education worked well with my busy schedule.

Matthew Willman, AGU Graduate – Master of Project Management 2017 - Testimonial 2017

The AGU distance education program afforded me the opportunity to pursue my academic program of choice based on my own availability. I selected AGU due to the allotted time permitted to complete each course of instruction along with the very affordable cost.

Scott Lubag, AGU Graduate – Master of Project Management 2016; AGU Candidate – Master of Acquisition Management - Testimonial 2017

I was working a full-time job in addition to being a wife and mother. I needed to be able to complete my education goals in a program that allowed me to work by my own schedule. The AGU program and price were right for what I needed as well as the flexibility to complete the courses at my own pace so I could factor in my life.

Amy Jones, AGU Graduate – MBA Acquisition and Contract Management 2016 - Testimonial 2017

I was surprised at how comprehensive, complete and how accurate the program is to the real world we deal with every day.

Dean Strong, AGU Candidate – Master of Contract Management - Testimonial 2014

I’m currently in an internship program with the Veterans’ Benefits Administration. That means that the coursework I’m taking through the internship closely mirrors the coursework I’m taking at AGU. It is certainly giving me a competitive edge. The tuition is affordable and best of all there is a payment plan.

Heather Allen, AGU Candidate – Master of Acquisition Management - Testimonial 2014

I chose AGU for a number of reasons. One, for affordability. The tuition is very reasonable. Another reason is accessibility. AGU has a self-paced study program that I like very much.

Greg Stojakovich, AGU Graduate – MBA Acquisition and Contact Management 2014 - Testimonial 2014


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