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Source Selection & Contract Award (651)
Credits: 3


Acquisition reform and streamlining is revolutionizing the way the government and industry conduct business. There are many new factors to consider in contracting by negotiation, source selection and contract pricing. Course 651 covers (1) performance-based contracting; (2) the use of statements of objectives and contractor-developed statements of work; (3) the use of oral proposals; (4) more flexible source selection approaches for the government; (5) past performance evaluation; and (6) risk identification and mitigation.

This is a completely integrated, well documented course covering the rationale, methods and techniques involved, from the development of requirements to final source selection, negotiation and contract award.

Students work with case studies of performance requirements and specifications, statements of work, evaluation factors and weights, past performance, risk analysis, cost realism and the use of best value discriminators in making a selection decision.

Subjects covered include:

Overview of the Process Developing Evaluation Factors and Standards
Development of Requirements Written vs. Oral Proposals
Acquisition Strategy and Planning The Evaluation Process
Statement of Objectives Technical/Business Evaluations
Writing and Responding to the Statement of Work Past Performance Evaluation
Using Specifications and Standards Cost to the Customer Determination
Requests for Proposals The Selection Process
Source Selection Process Contract Definitization
Organizing for Source Selection Debriefings and Protests

Increase Your Understanding of

• Acquisition strategy and planning
• Requests for Proposals
• The source-selection & evaluation process
• Written versus oral proposals
• Technical and business evaluation methods
• Past-performance evaluation
• Debriefings & protests

Improve Your Ability to

• Develop requirements
• State objectives
• Write and respond to the statement of work
• Use specifications and standards
• Develop evaluation factors and sub factors
• Determine costs to the customer

Professor: Christi O'Leary, B.S., M.A.M.
Text: Source Selection and Contract Award, AGU Press.

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