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Business Development and Proposal Preparation (613)
Credits: 3


The function of a proposal is to sell the managerial and technical capabilities of the firm to carry out the work required at a reasonable cost. The importance of the proposal in contracting cannot be over-emphasized. It is the point of sale. It is the primary vehicle for winning additional business. It is also one of the most difficult management tasks for many companies, because every part of the company is involved in the development of the technical, management and cost aspects of the proposal and in the negotiation of the resulting contract.

This distance-learning course is the most complete, thoroughly documented discussion of proposal preparation available to the government prime contractors, subcontractors, commercial firms, and government agencies from any source. It provides detailed step-by-step documented instruction on every aspect of the pre-proposal, proposal, source selection, and contract definitization process.

Subjects covered include:

Development of a Winning Strategy The Modular Proposal Technique
Relationship of Marketing and Proposal Preparation Writing and Publishing the Proposal
Analysis of the Statement of Objectives/Statement of Work Proposal Formats – Executive Summary
Request for Proposals The Technical Proposal
Source Selection Procedures The Management Proposal
Organization for Proposal Preparation The Cost Proposal
Proposal Preparation Procedures Proposal Reviews and Follow-Up
Development of Key Issues and Themes  

Increase Your Understanding of

• Contract definitions
• What government agencies expect in a proposal
• How marketing relates to proposal writing
• Source-selection procedures

Improve Your Ability to

• Develop competitive proposals

Professor: Jim Southerland, B.S., M.S.
Texts: Proposal Preparation, AGU Press

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