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Operations Management (610)
Credits: 3


Operations Management (OM) is the field of management which deals with the operational function of enterprises. Every organization, public or private, service or manufacturing, uses production systems to transform resource inputs into useful goods or services. The course develops a systematic approach for identifying and solving a wide variety of production and operation management problems. Operations Management involves both long term system planning and design and operating problems that occur within a short term planning and decision framework. Most of the controllable costs of a business are managed by the operating function. This course is designed to develop student skills in analysis, planning and decision making. Its goal is to develop the student's ability to plan and control production and operational systems and to solve a wide range of operating problems. Materials used in the course are taken from a wide variety of operating situations involving both production and service operations.

Subject covered include:

Operations Management Overview Introduction to the Field
Strategy and Competitiveness Linear Programming
Project Management Product Design
Learning Curves Process Analysis
Job Design and Work Measurement Manufacturing Process and Design
Facility Layout Service Process Selection and Design
Waiting in Line Quality Management: 6 Sigmas
Process Capability Supply Chain Strategy
Capacity Management Facility Location
Lean Production Planning and Controlling the Supply Chain
Forecasting Aggregate Sales and Operations Planning
Inventory Control MRP Systems
Operations Scheduling Synchronous Manufacturing and Theory of Constraints

Increase Your Understanding of

• Operations planning
• Strategy and competitiveness
• Production and Distribution
• Service Operations
• Capability management

Improve Your Ability to

• Select and design processes
• Develop operations strategies
• Manage change
• Plan and control the supply chain

Professor: Dee Andrews, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Text: "Operations & Supply Chain Management," by Richard B. Chase, F. Robert Jacobs, McGraw-Hill

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