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Federal Government Contracting (601)
Credits: 3

This is the most complete, thoroughly documented course in government contracting available. It covers in one intensive, integrated program all aspects of government contracts and subcontracts and related management challenges, from the development of the contract to the final close-out of the contract.

The course covers the generic procedures and techniques applicable to all contracts and subcontracts. In addition, specific attention is paid to the unique processes associated with Supply - R&D - Service - Federal Information Processing - Environmental and Construction Contracting. The material is covered in-depth from both the buyer's and seller's viewpoint and is completely current with laws, regulations and operating procedures. A full explanation of the federal budgeting process completes the course.

Subjects covered include:

Contract Procedures


Laws and Regulations Governing Procurement

Profit and Fee

Electronic Commerce

Cost or Pricing Data

Government Contract Law

Cost, Price and Should Cost Analysis

Procurement by Sealed Bidding

Analysis of Cost Principles

Two-Step Sealed Bidding

Cost Accounting Standards

Contracting by Negotiation/Competitive Proposals

Types of Contracts

Request for Proposal

Negotiation Techniques

Source Selection Procedures

Contract Terms and Conditions

Performance-Based Contracting


Government Marketing

Contract Administration

Proposal Preparation

Interpretation of Specifications


Contract Changes

Terminations for Default

Terminations for Convenience

Increase Your Understanding of

• The complete process for developing and performing government contracts
• The roles and responsibilities of all participants in the process
• How regulatory requirements are developed, implemented and changed

Improve Your Ability to

• Coordinate company activities to identify, pursue and perform government contracts
• Develop requirements and direct company efforts for compliant proposal development
• Estimate and price a contract
• Prepare for and succeed in contract negotiations
• Administer contracts during performance
• Identify and manage changes
• Monitor financial performance
• Follow the disputes, claims and appeals process
• Work terminations for convenience and prevent terminations for default

Professor: Jim Southerland, B.S., M.S.
Text & Course Materials: Federal Government Contracting, AGU Press


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