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Contract Negotiation Techniques (535)
The foundation for successful contracting
Learning Objectives

Each participant will get a proven negotiation approach to ensure winning results and:

  • Use a template for a Win/Win
  • Develop a strong negotiation team
  • Choose proven strategies and tactics
  • Know how and what to negotiate
  • The 4 P's for successful contract negotiation

Course Focus
To be successful in the contracting and procurement processes requires that buyers and sellers know both how to negotiate and what to negotiate. Pre-award and post-award negotiations include work scope, cost and price, terms and conditions, and contract changes. Negotiation occurs almost every business day and is vital to capturing and performing a successful contract or subcontract.

For over thirty years, American Graduate University's "Contract Negotiation Techniques" class has provided a time proven approach to the knowledge, attitude and skills required for successful contract negotiations. The emphasis is on the whole negotiation process - the how and what of negotiation - not on a series of unrelated tactics and techniques.

The class includes dynamic exercises to give both experienced and inexperienced negotiators a complete conceptual framework to build on. You leave this course armed with the knowledge to be a more effective, seasoned negotiator.

You take home a complete set of negotiation reference materials including: (1) "Negotiation of Contracts," 20 chapters, 300 pages, AGU Press; (2) Lecture Notes and Visuals, 200 pages.

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Training Highlights
The class is presented using a mix of lecture, discussion, exercises, practice negotiation sessions, and team evaluations, to provide complete understanding of both the principles and practices of contract negotiation, including the ability to plan a negotiation and to implement the plan with the proper strategy, tactics and techniques. Subjects covered include:

I. Why Negotiate?

  • Nature of Negotiation
  • When and What to Negotiate
  • Competition vs. Negotiation
  • The Negotiation Process
II. Negotiation in Contracting and Procurement
  • Using Negotiation in Buying and Selling
  • Identifying Needed Information
  • Exchanges Prior to Negotiation
  • Steps in Competitive Discussions
  • Noncompetitive Negotiations
III. Human Values and Negotiation
  • Psychology of Individuals and Groups
  • How Values and Attitudes Affect Outcomes
  • Honesty and Trust in Negotiation
  • Dealing With Different Behaviors
  • Attributes of a Good Negotiator
IV. Communication and Negotiation
  • The Communication Process in Negotiation
  • Breaking Down Communication Barriers
  • Verbal and Nonverbal Techniques
  • Affects of the Physical Environment
V. Preparation for Negotiation
  • The 4P's
  • Tailoring the Negotiation Team
  • Developing Negotiation Issues and Objectives
  • Identifying the Other Side's Possible Approaches
  • Determining Ranges of Agreement
  • The Negotiation Plan
VI. Contract Negotiation Issues
  • Identifying the Contract Type Risks
  • Negotiating the Statement of Work
  • Analyzing and Discussing Costs and Price
  • Negotiating the Critical Terms and Conditions
  • Contract Change Negotiations
VII. Strategy, Tactics and Techniques
  • Picking a Strategy
  • Determining Bargaining Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Using Tactics That Work
  • Dealing With All the Techniques
  • Concessions vs. Commitments
VIII. Conducting the Negotiation
  • Plan it First
  • Find Out the Facts
  • Negotiate to Reach an Agreement
  • Bargain if You Have To
  • Document Always

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100% Money Back Guarantee—The Institute of Professional Development at American Graduate University guarantees the quality of our training classes. If you are not completely satisfied with a training class you attended and paid for, you can request and receive a 100% refund.

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Attendance/Cancellation/Substitution Policy
A refund of the full price paid for the course less a $150 processing fee is available to students who cancel more than 21 days from the class start date.

If the original enrollee is unable to attend the course, a substitute may attend the course at no additional cost.

Alternatively, the enrollee may transfer his/her enrollment on a one-time basis to another course at no charge up to 21 days prior to the class. Transfers requested within 21 days of the class start will be accommodated with a $100 processing fee subject to seat availability.

No-shows may not transfer payment to other courses and refunds will not be available.

All courses are subject to cancellation.

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Who Should Participate
Since negotiation is used to resolve differences and conflicts of interest both inside and outside the company or agency, this class is applicable to personnel at every level. Contract Negotiation Techniques is specifically designed for, but not limited to:

• Contract managers & administrators
• Marketing managers
• Purchasing and procurement managers
• Contracting officers and specialists
• Buyers
• Proposal managers
• Finance and pricing personnel
• Attorneys
• Project and program managers

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Earn Continuing Education Credits
AGU training classes may count toward the continuing education requirements of various professional assocations, including the Project Management Institute, the National Contract Management Association, the Institute for Supply Management, and certain legal and accounting associations.

Information may be obtained by contacting AGU at: Toll free: 1-866-273-1736 or contact us online.


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Save with In-house Training
American Graduate University offers Contract Negotiation Techniques as an in-house training course for companies and government agencies. This course can be presented "as is" or tailored to your requirements. If desired, our instructor will emphasize course topics with your organization’s unique points and examples and, de-emphasize the course topics that are not as relevant to your organization.

An on-site presentation can provide a cost effective solution while ensuring quality training. Hundreds of organizations have maximized their training and travel budgets by hosting in-house training for their staff. In addition, in-house classes give an organization a boost in performance since staff will be working from the same material at the same time.

Call 1-866-273-1736 or contact us online today to discuss how American Graduate University can tailor Contract Negotiation Techniques for your organization.

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Schedule and Fees
Available on demand. Call 1-866-273-1736 to schedule onsite presentation.


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