Robert Sherry
Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, Nicholson, Graham
San Francisco, Ca

Mr. Sherry has over 20 years’ experience representing and counseling high tech, R&D, aerospace and defense companies in the areas of government contract proposal preparation, negotiation, contract interpretation issues, risk reduction procedures, licensing issues, rights in patents, software and technical data, and a variety of other matters. Mr. Sherry also assists technology companies on due diligence and novation issues associated with acquisitions of companies that possess government contracts.

Mr. Sherry has been instrumental in ushering in sweeping changes in federal, state and local government policies and regulations for purchasing products and services. During 1992-96, he chaired the Commercial Products and Services Committee of the American Bar Association’s Public Contract Law Section. In that capacity, he was instrumental in the drafting of the ABA’s comments on legislation, regulations, and policies affecting the procurement of technology products and services by the federal government and is a member of the Information Technology Association of America.

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DoD, Dept. of Homeland Security, NASA and increasing numbers of federal agencies are turning to flexible business agreements such as Other Transactions and Cooperative Agreements. These instruments work outside the authority of the FAR to allow both contractors and government agencies to maximize innovation, speed products to market, and solve challenging problems in new ways.

But beware: without a traditional contract structure, the contractor and agreement officer can have differing expectations about procedures, outcomes, and payment. The key to offsetting this problem is knowing what, when and how to negotiate favorable terms and conditions into your agreement.

Invite your proposal writers, contract negotiators, project officers, buyers, contracting officers, financial managers, cost/price analysts, contract administrators, and legal and compliance personnel to uncover field-tested tips in this strategy-filled seminar. Find out:

  • How to negotiate deliverables to meet buyer expectations
    and boost performance ratings

  • How to set win-win payment milestones

  • Where the biggest pitfalls lie and how to avoid them

  • When and how to limit government licenses and data
    right claims

  • Strategies to control auditor access to your financial records

  • Tips to manage the partnership for success

Plus, we’ll leave plenty of time for Q&A so you can address your unique challenges and learn from the guidance of your peers.


You get a link to the slides so you can follow along with the presentation, links to OMB circulars that govern the agreements and legislation that expands their authority, and AGU’s Special Report: OTA’s: The 3 Crucial Terms and Conditions to Negotiate.


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