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Multiple Registrations

AGU understands that funding issues often necessitate that a student register for more than one course at a time. If you register for more than one course and are not using your VA benefits, don't forget that since you have five months for each course you should indicate a new start date on the Student Enrollment Agreement of the additional course. This date must be no later than the five-month completion date for the previous course.

To indicate a new start date in the “Course Completion Requirement” section of the Student Enrollment Agreement, please cross out the start date and indicate the date you will be beginning the additional course. Then cross out the listed completed date and mark it with a date five months from the revised start date. The new start date will be entered in your student file.

If you do not indicate a new start date you will be considered a “Non-Start” and you will receive monthly notifications from Student Services.

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