EdAlert: A brief message for AGU students.

Dear AGU Student,

I'd like to introduce you to the AGU EdAlert! These brief university announcements will arrive eight times a year as a complementary communication to our quarterly AGU Master’s Report ezine. Our goal is to keep in touch with everyone in the AGU community: our students, the faculty and colleagues in government and industry.

EdAlerts will keep you informed on any changes or updates to AGU policies and processes, graduate degree and certificate programs and courses, and other helpful information, tips or news that could impact your experience with AGU.

AGU is here to help you gain the most from your graduate education. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to make EdAlerts more helpful. If there is specific information you would like to receive that we're not providing, please let us know.


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Paul McDonald


Students, We Need Your Input on Courses

As one of our students, you are in a unique position to give valuable insights on how well we are doing. We give you this opportunity at the end of each course with a survey that should only take you a few minutes. It's easily accessible from the email you receive from Student Services at the end of each course. One quick click on the link and the survey will come up. You are welcome to fill it out anonymously, or, if you have questions, please enter your name and email address so we can respond.

These surveys are a very important part of our accreditation. Annually, we must report the findings to our accrediting agency, the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). More importantly, however, they enable us to maintain a high standard of quality in our curriculum and to continue to make improvements so that you receive the best instructional and educational services

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