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Financial Management (661)
Credits: 3


Virtually all the activities of business firms and other organizations are reflected in, and affected by, the availability of funds. Finance provides one of the major tools for managerial planning and control. Course 661 provides a wide exposure to the financial issues useful to general management. It offers you an in-depth study of business, finance, investment, money and capital markets. Specific skills designed to aid in these decisions are developed and utilized in analysis of actual business problems. Students will master the principles of money and credit, acquire knowledge of financial institutions, instruments and policies, attain skills in recognizing and solving financial problems, and develop their skills in analyzing the risk and financial returns in specific situations. Financial Management is the applications of economic principles to the operation of an organization.

Subjects covered include:

Introduction: The Goals and Functions of Financial Management and a Review of Accounting The Capital Budgeting Decision
Financial Analysis Risk and Capital Budgeting
Financial Forecasting Capital Markets
Operating and Financial Leverage Investment Banking: Public and Private Placement
Working Capital and the Financing Decision Long-Term Debt and Lease Financing
Current Asset Management Common and Preferred Stock Financing
Sources of Short-Term Financing Dividend Policy and Retained Earnings
The Time Value of Money Convertibles, Warrants, and Derivatives
Valuation and Rates of Return External Growth Through Mergers
Cost of Capital International Financial Management

Increase Your Understanding of

. Finance
. Investment
. Money & capital markets
. Risk and rates of return
. Multinational finance

Improve Your Ability to

. Apply the principles of money and credit
. Use instruments and policies
. Analyze risk and financial returns
. Target capital sources

Professor: Gene Murabito, B.S., M.B.A.
"Fundamentals of of Corporate Finance", Richard Brealey, Stewart Myers, Alan Marcus, McGraw-Hill

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